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Perfect gift for the “Non-Girly” Girl

My old college roommate, Sara,  currently lives in her car somewhere between Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and California.  She is a NOLS rock climbing instructor and absolutely loves life.  She rocks, literally!

The only problem with her new found passion being every year when August rolls around I am at a complete loss as to what to give her for her birthday.  In college I usually just got her a fun pair of earrings or a snazzy bracelet to go with the outfit she chose to wear to our favorite beach bar that evening.  Now, however, in our “adult” lives, gifts aren’t so easy.  She doesn’t have space or a need for “things” and those amazing gold dangling embellished earrings of years past don’t exactly have a place in the great outdoors.

Luckily, I just discovered Accessories by ASH.  According to her website, “Allison Hertzberg makes jewelry in her village in her East Village (NYC) apartment and dreams of more closet space.  A strong believer that one piece of jewelry can make an outfit, Allison strives to produce under-stated statement pieces.”  I think she does an amazing job!  Birthday present for Sara, check.

Some of my favorite pieces in the collection were inspired by skills Allison picked up while doing a documentary on lobster fishing in Maine.  Check them out:

Accessories by ASHImages via Refinery 29.

Shop the collection on the Accessories by ASH Etsy page.  Enjoy!



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