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iPad Fashion

My boss surprised my co-workers and I  last week with brand new iPads. Talk about a great way to boost company morale!   As excited as I am to have a new toy I really can’t think of what purpose the large iPod Touch will serve, beyond being useful for travel.  However, my iPad has yet to leave my apartment for fear of damaging the pristine screen – it is so fragile.  Luckily, iClothing came to the rescue providing a fashionable yet innovative way to travel with your iPad.  Introducing the little black dress, iPad version…

iPad little black dressAccording to their website iClothing provides “an easy, comfortable way to store your iPad on the go.”  The iDress features “padded pouches which are comfortable and almost invisible. Developed with the digital lifestyle of Apple lovers in mind.”
Although I doubt I will actually purchase one of these gems, I adore the mindset that led to such a creation.  Genius.


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