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Helpful Hints for The Outnet’s Anniversary Sale

When I first heard that TheOutnet is having a 1 year anniversary sale tomorrow I was excited.  When I received my invitation and realized that everything will be on sale for $1, I was ecstatic!  As my excitement begins to settle, reality sets in… how in the world will I ever be able to shop quickly enough?  I get stressed out shopping on Gilt.  Gilt shopping is like playing outfield in little league compared to this Major League sale.  I am a terrible spur-of-the-moment shopper.  Luckily The Outnet sent out some tips to help users shop as quickly as possible:

Refinery 29 provides some additional fun tips:

1. Keep your main aim as well as backup purchases bookmarked for easy access.
2. Start training your clicking finger today. We suggest five rounds of a hundred reps with a .5 pound weight.
3. Cue your alarm clock to play “Eye of the Tiger.” Chug a few egg yolks for good measure.
4. Clear your schedule of any and all engagements except for “Keep an eye on inbox” and “Succeed.”
5. Be prepared for defeat by having a pint of Ben and Jerry’s on hand.

My final tip, if all else fails and all your potential purchases are jacked right out of your virtual hands – grab something!  You can always sell it on eBay!  Enjoy fellow bargain hunters and good luck!


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