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Current Fall Obsessions

With the temperatures finally beginning to cool down, and NY Fashion week rapidly approaching, I continue to find myself immersed in the land of online fashion.  I am anxiously awaiting the fabulous fashion finds to come.  This week I have been lucky enough to stumble across two amazing finds that I can’t wait to get my hands on, my first must-haves of the season.

Cole Haan Raleigh Whipstitch Cross Body Bag

Cole Haan Raleigh Whipstitch Crossbody Bag

Retail $298, SmartBargains.com $95.98

Cross body bags may just be my favorite trend, ever.  They are absolutely perfect for my favorite outings such as concerts, flea markets, day trips etc.  I believe this one is large enough to fit all the necessities as well as a few goodies without letting you over-pack (I problem I run into often).  The hands-free aspect allows you to enjoy your favorite events without having to worry about keeping up with that annoying shoulder bag.

Asymmetrical Leatherette Jacket

Forever 21 Leather JacketForever 21 Leather JacketForever 21 Leather Jacket

Bargain Price $39.80, Forever21.com

I wasn’t too sure about the leather jacket trend last year, but it appears it has stood the test of time…well at least it has survived two seasons.  Since I see myself wearing this as part of an outfit rather than a go-to jacket, I can’t justify spending an insane amount on this purchase.  I think this Forever 21 jacket is the perfect solution; trendy, tailored, rocker-chic and an all-around perfect look.

As luck would have it my birthday is this month… Happy Birthday to me?!



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