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Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

I can hardly believe that we are halfway through November!  Like it or not, the holiday season is rapidly approaching.  With my current schedule permitting little time for actual visits to my favorite local shops, I turned to the trusty internet for the perfect purchases.  Here are a few of my favorite female finds, all for under $50!

holiday gift ideas under $50

1.  Shemergency Survival Kit, $25 from ShopBop

The Shemergency Survival Kit is  fast fix for beauty, fashion, and personal care on the-go. The kit includes folding brush with mirror, hairspray, clear elastics, earring backs, lotion, nail clippers, emery board, clear nail polish and polish remover, shoe shine wipes, stain remover, static remover, breath freshener, lip balm, floss, pain reliever, deodorant and sanitizing towelettes, tampon, bandages, blotting tissues, and single-use lipstick. Packaged in 4″ x 6″ x 1.5″ pouch.  This will make a great gift for your jet-setting girlfriends.

2.  e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish in Smoky Brown, $1 from eyes lips face

The perfect color polish for the perfect price!  This nail polish is a great addition to any gift bag or for use as a stocking stuffer.

3.  The Unisex Circle Scarf, $28 from American Apparel

I actually own this scarf in asphalt and I LOVE IT!  It is such a simple, go-to scarf.  I literally just wrap it around my neck twice  for a chic look without having to fret over the styling.  However, if you want to add a little pizzazz to your look, this scarf can be worn several different ways.  In true American Apparel fashion, with this scarf you can; double it up, make it a hood, make it a shawl, make it a capelet, make it a figure eight top and even make it a one-shouldered dress!  Talk about versatile.

4.  Shea Travel Treasures, $39 from L’Occitane

The Shea Travel Treasures encompasses all that I love about L’Occitane (and their ec0-friendly beauty products), complete with a functional bag.  This set includes Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap in Milk and Lavender, Ultra Rich Shower Cream, Shea Butter Body Lotion, Shea Butter  Ultra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner and Shea Butter Hand Cream.  Shea Travel Treasures will make the perfect gift for anyone; your Mother, Grandmother or best friend.  Also, you can split it up and add the different pieces into your existing gift bags/stocking, etc. With the price tag marked down from $61, this gift set is a steal!

5.  Glitter Clip Frame Purse, $12 from TopShop

I love, love, love this – I just purchased two as gifts.  This adorable coin purse is the perfect mingling of fashion, frugality and sparkle.

6.  Custom Camera Strap, $30 from Sarah Frances Kuhn

I have written about my infatuation with these camera straps before, and now is the perfect time to re-visit these beauties.  If you are like me, your girlfriends do not venture out for an event without their camera in tow.  Give them the gift of fashion and comfort with these stylish camera straps.

7.  “Field of Poppies” by Van Gogh Umbrella, $29.99 from Amazon

What can I really say about this umbrella?  It is practical and beautiful!  I think any lady would be thrilled to unwrap this treasure.  It’s the perfect type of gift, something you would’t typically buy for yourself, yet still useful.

8.  MICHAEL Michael Kors Wool Pyramid Studded Extra Long Gloves, $35 from Bluefly

Give the gift of warmth wrapped in beauty.  These Michael Kors gloves are sure to be your girlfriend’s best friend as Old Man Winter rolls around.




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Words of Wisdom, Monday Style

life is full of beauty notice it image

via i can read.

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Well said.

it's up to you to find beauty in the ugliest daysvia i can read.

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Footzy Rolls = Pure Genius!

Happy Friday to all!  I am sitting at my desk on this beautiful Friday afternoon anxiously anticipating the beautiful Spring weekend ahead.  While mentally preparing my outfits, I come to the inevitable conundrum of my weekend attire – can my feet really handle a night out in those sky-high stilettos again?  I often find myself in this perplexing situation, I love wearing heels!  Stilettos make your legs look longer and toned, not to mention the fact that you just feel flat out sexy in them,.  However, as the years go by I find my poor soles becoming more and more tortured by my choice of footwear.

Just a few weeks ago I went out with a group of friends to see the band that would be playing at our dear friends’ wedding.  I quickly donned my black ankle boots with their 3-inch heel and bolted out the door.  Who could resist these beauties?

They were a steal from Payless!

Anyway, back to the story.  I danced the night away with wonderful friends and music, loving every minute of it…until I took the time to stop and realize just how sore my feet were!  By the time my boyfriend, Parker, and I left we realized neither one of us had cash for a cab and decided to make the not-too-far walk back to my apartment.  I couldn’t do it!  I ended up wearing Parker’s boat shoes (really beautiful with my opaque black tights, I promise) and he had to make the trek in his SmartWool socks.  What a trooper!

I am starting to think it may just be time to grow up and protect my feet like a good young adult.  This might have something to do with the  article I read on CNN this morning entitled, “Women risk snapped ligaments for shoe fashion.” The article basically says that too much pressure from high heels can cause bones in the ball of the feet to break or get overstressed.” Great.  I still want to wear my heels.

Luckily, I just found quite possibly one of the most genius products on the market!  Ever heard of FootzyRolls?  They are brilliant!  I am pretty much having one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  Basically they are adorable little ballet flats made of a loose material allowing them to roll into a small ball and fit easily into your clutch!  According to their website FootzyRolls are, “completely rollable and foldable, fit in the smallest bag, waterproof,  and skid-proof .”  They are great for travel, office-wear and durable enough to venture outside!  Check out their specs below:

They come in several different colors, so they will go perfectly with just about any outfit.  Finally I can fearlessly venture out with my sky-high stilettos and know when the inevitable moment of unbearable pains comes near the end of the evening I have a comfortable, cute pair of shoes to slip into for the walk home.

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