J. Crew Warehouse Sale Success

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first ever warehouse sale.  Nestled in the snug community of University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC, J.Crew emerged and set up shop.  After waiting approximately 30 minutes in line just to enter the store, I was given a trash bag and told “good luck.”  I entered to find hundreds of boxes lining the walls filled with shoes, clothing and accessories.  This store housed a mecca of apparel complete with not only the expected “sample” sale items, but current season’s clothing, amazing shoes and quality items from the factory stores.  As an added bonus there were several pieces from the Madewell line, it was like icing on the cake.  I waited until the sale was almost over to check it out, by the time I arrived all items were an additional 30% off.  That means J.Crew pants and tops were only $7, and the jacktets and boots were a mere $35 !

I scored the following wellies which retail for $199 for only $35!

J. Crew Wellies

Bring on the snow in the South, I am ready this time!

If you plan to visit a local warehouse sale, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t bring a large purse; you will get tired of toting it around with all of your merchandise
  • Wear leggings; there are no dressing rooms and this is the easiest way to “try on” pants
  • Wear layers including a thin tank top; this way you can try on tops over your tank top without showing the goods
  • Bring a friend; there are no mirrors and it is next to impossible to tell how a shirt fits by simply looking down
  • Bring a camera/cell phone if you can’t bring a friend; worst case scenario you take pictures of yourself in the clothes and then decide how you feel about the fit of an item based on the photograph

Happy Hunting!


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