The Perfect Pump For The Perfect Price

While I must admit that nothing is perfect, I can hardly wait to share my latest budget-friendly find.  As I was searching for the perfect pair of black pumps for an upcoming engagement party, I was mostly underwhelmed with what was available.  Yes, I realize black pumps are the simple, easy, go-to shoe, but I didn’t want boring.  I wanted black, but with character.  Before too long I came across these beauties below, it was love at first sight.

YSL sculpted suede platform

Unfortunately they weigh in at a whopping $795 at Nordstrom.  This is not even within the realm of possibility as far as I am concerned.  Frankly, I am convinced that even if I had all the money in the world at my disposal I wouldn’t pay this much for a pair of shoes.  Yes, that’s right fashion friends, I said it.  That is TOO much for one piece of clothing/accessory, etc.

After some custom Google searches I found the Steve Madden Brigitt.

Steve Madden Brigitt

I searched high and wide to find this version in my size.  Apparently the majority of women in the US are a size 8 (same as me) and these shoes were next to impossible to find in my desired size.  As luck would have it, Amazon has a knack of solving this very problem and I found a size 8.  Sold.  Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t share the same sale love as and they were listed for full price, $129.95.

Once the shoes arrived I tore into the box like a child on Christmas morning, I could hardly wait to try them on.  It turns out this particular style runs a bit small and the 8 didn’t quite fit properly…after all that searching.

I immediately hopped online only to find that both and were completely sold out of an 8.5 shoe size.  Being the determined shopper I am, I refused to accept defeat so easily.  After a few additional Google queries I was able to find a reasonable substitue, from, product found here.

bamboo sude platform heel

Victory is mine 🙂  This pair just arrived and are perfect!  What is your go-to shoe for Fall events?


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