Havaianas + Threadless= Love

Threadless Havaianas Love

I love this idea!

Havaianas and Threadless partnered up to bring us the ultimate design competition.  Basically what these unique companies did is generate a contest: who can create the best design?  The winning design was then brought to life as  t-shirt by Threadless as well as a matching pair of flip flops by Havaianas.  Hundreds of designs came pouring in from all over the world and were posted on the Threadless site, enabling the public to vote for a winner.  When it was all said and done the following six designs were chosen:’

Royal Wave

Havaianas Royal WaveHavaianas Threadless Royal Wave T-Shirt

Living in Harmony

Havaianas living in harmony

Threadless Living in harmony t-shirt

Great Animal Hunt

Havaianas Great Animal HuntThreadless Great Animal Hunt

It’s Toile About You

Havaianas It's Toile About YouThreadless It's Toile About you

Cookie Loves Milk

Havaianas Cookie Loves MilkThreadless Cookie Loves Milk


Havaianas Bloom BoxThreadless Bloombox

My personal favorite is Cookie Loves Milk, it is adorable!  Which one  is your favorite?



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2 responses to “Havaianas + Threadless= Love

  1. “Cookie loves milk” is great. Hopefully, the winners received cash prizes…otherwise, these companies got design work for free….just saying….

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