Deal of the Day: Ali Ro

Available today on Gilt, the charming Ali Ro!  This line boasts celebrity clientele such as Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere, to name a few.  With a variety of creative draping, flirty silhouettes and inventive details including ruffles and lace this line is sure to please the girly-girl within us all.  I wish I could afford each and every one of these pieces, but alas one may have to suffice.  Here are a few of my favorites available from this collection:

Silk Crepe Draped Skirt

Ali Ro Silk Crepe Draped Skirt

Retail $220, Gilt $89

Silk Crepe Romper

Ali Ro Silk Crepe Romper

Retail $198, Gilt $89

Hammered Silk Drape Dress

Ali Ro Hammered Silk Drape Dress

Retail $250, Gilt $109

Silk Ruffle Cascade Dress

Ali Ro Silk Ruffle Cascade Dress

Retail $319, Gilt $119

Zipper Front Silk Dress

Ali Ro Zipper Front Silk Dress

Retail $245, Gilt $99

Embroidered Silk Dress

Ali Ro Embroidered Silk Dress

Retail $308, Gilt $129

Silk Strapless Bubble Dress

Ali Ro Silk Strapless Bubble Dress

Retail $308, Gilt $129

Printed Silk Pleated Short

Ali Ro Printed Silk Pleated Short

Retail $196, Gilt $89

Silk Flutter Sleve Dress

Ali Ro Silk Flutter Sleeve Dress

Retail $286, Gilt $129

If you are not a member of Gilt and would like to be, please contact me.  I will be more than happy to send you an invite.  Happy shopping!



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4 responses to “Deal of the Day: Ali Ro

  1. ciaralegale

    AHH! All of these are to die for! (ESPECIALLY, the Romper).

    Love your site, and this post!

    Visit me anytime:


  2. Oh, Gilt. Somehow, they always have the best stuff right before payday. That crepe skirt is incredible. Would love to see it with some flats, to see if it has the same leg-lengthening effect.

    Love the site!

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