Deal of the Day: American Apparel

If you have never heard of American Apparel, then I must surmise that you have been living under a rock for the last few years.  The company, known for their comprehensive collection of cotton clothing, stands out because of their commitment to social, environmental and sustainable responsibilities.  In their own words “within our business model, knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution, and design all happen in the company’s facilities in Los Angeles.  The company operates the largest garment factory in the United States, at a time when apparel production has moved offshore.”

A company with such high standards is truly beautiful in its own right, but luckily enough for us, they also create beautiful garments!  Here are a few of my favorite finds from the brand courtesy of

American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt

Retail Value $30, $21

American Apparel Tri-Blend Jersey Pocket Dress

Retail Value $38, $26

I plan to snag this skirt today!  I think it will be the perfect go-to piece to throw on for a summer day outing.  Pair it with a simple white tank, your favorite pair of Havaianas flip flops and out the door you go.


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