Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Is there a story more enchanting than Alice in Wonderland?  I am sure such a story exists, but am hard pressed to think of one as awe-inspiring.   As a child Through The Looking Glass was one of my all time favorite stories.  A version of the story was later brought to life for me while watching the Walt Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. On Friday a modern rendition of this classic story was brought to the big screen in a big way.  The film, directed by Tim Burton, stars one of the most prolific actors of all time; Johnny Depp.  The new film proves that Alice in Wonderland still captives the imagination of the young and old alike.

The story, originally crafted by Lewis Carrol, awakens the creative spirit in every way imaginable.  In the story Alice falls down a rabbit hole to discover a world filled with wildly original creatures, a Wonderland indeed.  From the watch toting rabbit in a perpetual hurry, to the hookah-smoking caterpillar and the wildly grinning cheshire cat the characters are simply unforgettable.

It is no wonder then, that designers have jumped down the Wonderland hole to find inspiration for their newest collections.   Here are a few of my favorite accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland:

Urban Outfitters Long Chain Pocket Watch Necklace, $28

Fred Flare Keyhole Ring, $10

Tom Binns Thorny Heart Earrings, $66

Cara Accessories ‘Edgy Bow’ Headband, $26

3 Sisters White Rabbit Domino Necklace, $35

Kirk’s Folly Choice of Through the Looking Glass Cuff Bracelet, $75

Sterling Silver Mushroom Charm, $19.09

Disney Flower Garden Ring, $90

Tarina Tarantino Queen Alice Mod Ring, $63

Kirk’s Folly Choice of Through the Looking Glass Earrings, $26.50


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  1. Shanelle Faison

    Great job mate! Im a big tech geek… I like your work. Thanks for sharing.

    Shanelle Faison

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